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Willow Valley Press welcomes submissions, both through agents and directly from the author. Here are some guidelines to help ensure that your submission is successful.

About Us

Willow Valley Press is a small publisher, located in Nevada City, California. We’ve been publishing books since 1999.

  • We publish interesting books of all kinds: memoirs, autobiographies, Vietnam-era accounts, local history, personal growth/self-help, firearms instruction, business how-to’s, cookbooks, humor, and truly unusual books.

  • We generally DO NOT publish children’s books, fiction, or poetry. We cannot, we feel, put these types of books in front of the public in a way that will ensure their success. However, if you feel you have a unique niche or a unique way of reaching your audience, we’ll consider it.

How to Submit

Please download and read our checklist. (Note: requires Adobe Reader.) Please follow the steps listed there.

Attention to detail is important. Unfortunately, we receive far too many poorly-prepared proposals.

Watch out for typos, misspellings, poor grammar, and similar errors. We’re confident that you are proud of your work, so please be sure that your cover email, proposal, and sample chapter reflect that pride.

We shouldn’t have to say this, but we remind you that we assume that you are the author or copyright holder of the work, and that you’ve obtained permissions to use any other author’s work that appears in your manuscript.

Quality and feedback

Please be aware that we see many proposals and manuscripts. Frankly, many lack the quality that would make them worthy of publication.

We also recognize that there are many good works that can be improved. Even then, not all “good books” or “books that should be published” complete the publication process.



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